haven’t posted here in a while…haha, I have had some interest events occur in my life that I could contemplate blogging about

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hah! science at its best :)

hah! science at its best :)

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OMG ONE LAST THING! SHOULD I FLY BACK FOR A CAL GAME THIS FALL?! If yes! WHICH ONE?! OSU? UCLA (@ la)? BIG GAME?! the possibilities are endless

caveat (haha science word there!) = 500$ for a plane ticket…that is bad news bears…thinking about it right now if i really want to bust out 600 bucks a pop for just like 24 hours of fun but it’s so worth it yet not but yet it is I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO! k, it’s time to go to bed I have much to accomplish tomorrow

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pretty solid commercial from nike

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guy is cray - haven’t seen MJ highlights in a while!

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my lord….where has the time gone? i think i’ve ignored this bad boy for…probably at least this entire year. i’ve been posting random vids and pics that i come across but when it comes to updates about life i think that’s pretty nonexistent.

well, let’s summarize the past 6 months in this one post and update the world about my thoughts and the like..here goes nothing!

first, xmas break was a blur - i think i hung out with a million different ppl/grabbed meals with so many different ppl and it was just a whirlwind of fun, but really all it did was remind me of how much i love the yay area…and how that is just home for me. bottom line. my parents and harry’s there. all my buddies from mitty, cal, and all the other good friends i have in CA. nothing beats it. don’t get me wrong i love my friends out here but it’s been such a challenge for everyone to connect because we all are just so busy with lab all the gdamn time…i think it’s really worn on all of us to the point where we just have no motivation…to do anything…it’s so sad :( i know in a few years when this chapter of my life i’m totally gonna miss my grad school friends, but right now the thing that’s missing is that california GOLDEN SUN YADDAMEANNN?!

okay, enough about that. since i’ve been back the first thing i was working on was my first EVER first author paper! (for those of you that aren’t familiar with graduate research/the field of biology the measuring stick, and ultimate ticket to graduation, is publishing first author papers describing some of the “whatever you found” research to the public world). it took me and my PI a good…3-4 months to finish writing that bad boy, but i can happily say that we submitted our manuscript in mid May to Science (for those of you that aren’t in biology, there are 3 scientific journals that are considered the “pillars” of molecular biology research - cell, nature, and science, so us submitting to science is my PI’s attempt to get our work one of the most prestigious journals in my field, in short, if we get in here, OH MY FRIGGIN!!!!!) But let’s be real, it’s not gonna get into science, I’m not hanging my hat on that cuz that’d be crazy and all i’d be setting myself up for is disappointment, but the fact that we wrote and submitted a manuscript is an accomplishment in it’s own right, bc it means i have completed a body of scientific research that is presentable and open for other scientists to read, critique, and learn from (yayyy….)

Paper writing, burned. me. out. It was exhausting. It was so stressful, and now I’m back to executing experiments and I’m just so drained all the time. Not necessarily physically, but mentally/motivationally it’s just totally lacking…sigh., but since we submitted in early-mid May, I’ve spent the last 1.5 months just doing more experiments so it’s been more of the same daily grind for the most part…hopefully our manuscript gets to the review stages of submission (that would be the next big deal before getting accepted - ultimately you want ur paper to be accepted and therefore published - usually they just reject ur paper saying it’s bs or not interesting haha…have i mentioned science is a beezey?)

ANYWAYS! Point is! Science is hard! Grad school is hard! And it just eats away at your attitude/outlook on life/soul! BUT IM ALIVE AND I WILL CONQUERRRRR! In the meantime, lets take a look at some of the fun things I’ve been doing!


about a month ago, I flew back to CA for two events: GW bachelor’s party and Harry’s graduation. GW bachelor’s was fun bc it was fun to see the ol guy again and just catch up with the gang from mitty. we ended up staying at TW’s cabin up in Truckee, and just drank and partied the first night there. I of course, took two power naps during the evening in time to wake up for poker and liar’s dice (probably one of my fav games of all time). The next day we spent a great majority of the day playing an 18 hole golf course called Coyote Moon. It was the first weekend it opened so we got a sweet deal (only 65$ for the whole round!). I had a blaaaast! I was popping out some sweet iron shots and overall had a great time playing my first 18 holes ever. After that we (me GW/SW/SvdA/NP) showered up and met up with RY/TW/GB at the peppermill to bet on the sharks and play a lot of blackjack. most of the guys ended up playing pretty well - i had a pretty bad off night…but it was my first time at the casino in 2 years so it was just fun to be playing again. of course we made our obligatory trip to stripclubbbb but it wasn’t really all that interesting….here’s some pics!

the wolfpack

beer pong

the entire wolfpack (minus me)


one of many pics i have of coyote moon…simply gorgeous!

me and the bachelor and his buddy NP from penn - we were a trio that teed off together (SW/SvdA went before us with another pair)

last one of the course


Harry also graduated from Cal! Go Bears! On Monday my parents, NT, PT, and I all wound up going to berkeley to watch Harry graduate with a BA in CS in the EECS dept. so proud of my little brother, can’t believe he’s already done with college and is now in the workforce…today was actually his first day at work (flixster up in SF…gotta thank DX for hooking Harry up with his job!!!), but still it’s pretty crazy to think of harry as a real adult now after watching him grow up behind me…I don’t have any pics of my entire family on my iphone - those are all on my parents’ cameras that I don’t have on this laptop =( but in the meantime here are two pics of me and harry from his graduation

proud to be a cal alum…AND a cal BAND alum!!

pretty classic :)


yup, i think that about sums it up. that was back between may 16-22ish? gw is getting married at the end of this month (6/29/2013) so i’ll be flying to wyoming in less than two weeks!!!! it’s gonna be soo much fun and i can’t wait to see him and KS get married!!

in the meantime MM (from mitty aaaaandddd cal annnnnnnnd cal BANDDDD!!) is out here in goldsboro for an opto rotation @ seymore johnson air force base. I picked her and her friend (LH…or LS kinda depends on how you want to go about it, it’s confusing) from RDU a few weeks back and have basically hung out with them on and off at least once a week. it’s nice to have an old friend out here on the east coast! way easier to connect and hang out :) hopefully we have a few more sessions before they fly back to cali aka the bay aka the yay aka homeeee!

im putting this up bc of MM’s face

im putting this up bc this is classic

im putting this up bc i love LA and her bf DS - thx for driving that night my man i owe you one


lastly, here’s a pic of harry at his first day of work (courtesy of DX again haha) LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that’s all for now! gw’s wedding is coming! GO GIANTS! f the niners losing and the dubs losing and the sharks losing…especially the niners/sharks…dubs was exciting as hell and omg curry/klay/barnes combo is gonna be so legit in the years to come but good lord why did the niners have to lose and good lord we should’ve beaten the kings!!!! stupid torres suspension/havlet injuries…destroyed our forward depth and sigh sigh sigh @ not getting that last TD….but can’t lament about it anymore…

giants need to step it up, get healthy, get their starting pitching back on course and start winning some games bc this is starting to unravel way too fast!

thanks to all that read this!


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